Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prior to this class, I was a pessimistic realist with an overbearing sense of sarcasm and cynicism.  Thanks to this class, things have not changed.  In fact, my condition may have gotten a little worse.  The idea has been explored in which romance may just be a social construct.  It has been created by one and imitated by others.  But what I find to be most mind blowing about this is that these social constructs are not only acts of romance that people imitate but they are associated with feelings that people apparently feel when participating in the act.  Instead of a feeling being personal and unique to one, it becomes universal.  And if that is the case, how can romantic love between two people be real or special?  Isn't it like everyone else's?  

One example that I absolutely love and could watch over and over again, despite my... "condition" illustrates how one situation for two people can be imitated by two other people and result in the same emotions.  

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